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Upcoming events

    • 05/29/2024
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Schoolyard at The Wayfarer

    Join us for trivia night at Schoolyard at The Wayfarer at 7pm. You can either come solo or with friends - we’ll make sure to put you in teams of YPNGers! Food and drinks will be available to purchase as well! 

Past events

05/23/2024 Monthly Mixer: Duncan Alley
05/15/2024 Trivia Night at Schoolyard
05/13/2024 Islay Hill Hike
05/04/2024 Day Trip to Pinnacles National Park!
05/01/2024 Trivia Night at Schoolyard
04/28/2024 Member Exclusive: Climbing at The Pad in SLO
04/25/2024 Monthly Mixer: Bang the Drum
04/17/2024 Trivia Night at Schoolyard
04/17/2024 Chamber of Commerce April Membership Mixer
04/07/2024 Hike at MDO Point Buchon
04/03/2024 Trivia Night at Schoolyard
03/21/2024 Monthly Mixer: SLO Brew Rock
03/09/2024 Reservoir Canyon Hike
03/06/2024 Trivia Night at Schoolyard
02/25/2024 Softball Exclusive: Tie-dye Party!
02/21/2024 Trivia Night at Schoolyard
02/16/2024 Atascadero Sweetheart Stroll: Sip & Shop
02/10/2024 Felsman Loop Hike
02/07/2024 Trivia Night at Schoolyard
01/24/2024 Trivia Night at Schoolyard
01/18/2024 Monthly Mixer: The Hub
01/10/2024 Trivia Night at Schoolyard
12/18/2023 Bingo Night: Humdinger Brewing in Arroyo Grande
12/13/2023 Mixer: Christmas at the Carrisa
12/12/2023 SLOCOG Presentation
12/07/2023 Annual Madonna Christmas Tree Night Hike
12/01/2023 Volunteer: SLO's 47th Annual Holiday Parade
11/29/2023 Trivia Night: Oak and Otter
11/24/2023 Volunteer: Santa's House!
11/18/2023 Volunteer: Clean Up & Decorate Downtown Service Day
11/16/2023 Friendsgiving with YPNG 2023
11/15/2023 Trivia Night: Oak and Otter
11/08/2023 Mixer: Central Coast Brewing
11/01/2023 Trivia Night: Oak and Otter
10/22/2023 Avila Valley Barn + Pumpkin Carving with YPNG
10/18/2023 Trivia Night: Oak and Otter
10/11/2023 Mixer: The Hub
10/02/2023 Bingo Night: Humdinger Brewing in Arroyo Grande
09/30/2023 Volunteer: SLO September Scramble
09/23/2023 Kayaking in Avila
09/21/2023 Trivia Night: Tin City Cider
09/14/2023 Mixer: SLO Brew Rock
09/06/2023 Trivia Night: Oak and Otter
08/24/2023 Trivia Night
08/17/2023 Mixer: Central Coast Brewing
08/09/2023 Trivia Night
08/04/2023 Camping Weekend: El Chorro Regional Park
07/26/2023 Trivia Night
07/22/2023 Sunset Tiki Bonfire
07/15/2023 Volunteer: FirstFruits
07/12/2023 Trivia Night
06/14/2023 Trivia Night
06/12/2023 Mixer: Region SLO
06/10/2023 Volunteer: Pismo Beach Clean Up
06/03/2023 SLO Blues Baseball Tailgate
05/31/2023 Trivia Night
05/17/2023 Trivia Night
05/06/2023 Rummage Sale
05/03/2023 Trivia Night
04/24/2023 Volunteer with Operation Surf
04/19/2023 Trivia Night
04/18/2023 Mixer: Milestone Tavern
04/06/2023 Volunteer at SLO Farmers Market
04/05/2023 Trivia Night
03/31/2023 Serving Dinner at ECHO Atascadero
03/25/2023 GleanSLO Volunteering
03/22/2023 Trivia Night
03/13/2023 Mixer: Region SLO
03/08/2023 Trivia Night
02/26/2023 Member-Only: Climb at The Pad in SLO
02/22/2023 Trivia Night
02/16/2023 Mixer: SLO Brew Rock
02/11/2023 Volunteer with City Farm SLO
02/08/2023 Trivia Night
02/04/2023 Hike: Meadow Creek Trail + Monarch Butterfly Grove
01/25/2023 Trivia Night
01/24/2023 Retirement Planning 101 Seminar
01/18/2023 Mixer: BA Start Arcade Bar
01/11/2023 Trivia Night
12/13/2022 Annual Madonna Christmas Tree Night Hike
12/07/2022 Trivia Night
11/16/2022 Mixer: Region SLO
10/22/2022 Pre-Halloween on the Green: Toptracer Fundraiser

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