• What is the purpose of YPNG softball?
      Following along with one of the visions of YPNG, our goal is to promote personal connections with other local young professionals in our community. Softball gives members an opportunity to meet new people while staying active. Besides the physical benefits, it is a way to socialize in a casual, fun environment with other local young professionals. Our softball league is not meant to be competitive, but instead an outlet to have some fun. If you are interested in a competitive league, the City of SLO offers other leagues which may be a better fit for you. We understand anytime you play a game/sport people do try to win, but we want to make sure people keep good attitude and display good sportsmanship while playing.


    • When is the next YPNG softball season?
      YPNG plays in the San Luis Obispo City League which has Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. Spring season starts in early March, Summer season starts in early June, and Fall season starts in late August. All seasons last for 10 weeks (10 games played). For information regarding registration dates, please check out our calendar.


    • What day and time are games?
      We play on Tuesday Nights at 6:30, 7:40 and 8:50 PM. Please check http://teamsideline.com/slo for your team’s schedule.



  • Can I play on a team with a friend? How are teams selected?
    Players may register as an individual or (if you prefer to be on a team with your friend, significant other, roommate, neighbor, pet giraffe, etc) as a pair. After registration is complete, teams are selected by coaches via a draft. Draft order is randomized and players are selected based upon the needs of the team.


    • If I decide not to play will I be issued a refund?
      Refunds will NOT be issued to players who registered, paid, and subsequently decided not to play for any reason. You may sell your spot directly to someone else to get your money back. If you are going to sell your spot, please email sports@ypng.org.


    • Are there mandatory practices?
      No! Usually before the season starts there will be one practice with all of the teams invited. Coaches may schedule voluntary practices if they choose to during the season. If you’d like to practice, talk to your coach about setting something up.


    • What do I need to play?
      A softball/baseball glove is the only equipment that is mandatory! Cleats are recommended, but they are not required. Coaches usually have bats, but feel free to bring yours if you have one (must be marked ASA certified).


    • What rules does the YPNG league follow?
      Our league follows the same rules that SLO City uses for all other leagues with minor exceptions*. Click here to view the rules.
      *Exceptions: See Player Substitution Policy below.


    • Player Substitution Policy
      Teams will face possibility of forfeit when they have less than 8 players (4 guys and 4 girls). Using players not on your roster in order to avoid a forfeit is allowed as long as the opposing captain is informed of this substitution and is okay with the substitution. If you have less than 5 men and 5 women who are able to play you may go through the following process to field a full team:

      • Contact members on the wait-list.
        Coaches will contact individuals on the wait-list in the order they registered. The first individual who is available and interested in playing will be chosen as the substitute that game. If it’s less than 3 hours before the game and individuals on the wait-list are not responding, coaches may contact other possible substitutes in the following order:

        • Contact other YPNG members
        • Contact non-YPNG members
        • Ask players from other teams to fill in ONLY if you are facing a forfeit and it is not a playoff game
      • Please notify the other coach who will be substituting for your team prior to game time.


  • How do I register for the wait-list?
    Once registration is full or the draft is complete, you may register to be on the wait-list either to fill in as a substitute as needed or to back fill a vacancy on a team if a registered player is unable to complete the season. Register for the wait-list at the YPNG Shop when available.


Refer to the City of San Luis Obispo’s rules for adult softball for more information. Please email sports@ypng.org if you have any additional questions.