Chief Marketing Officer

Tina Solar

I started out in retail management, and remained there for over a decade. I followed that with over a decade as a stay at home mom. I am not one to sit still. I ran a business from home, and I was Secretary for two years, then President of a non-profit based in the bay area. In 2005 I founded an organization initially focused on networking for parent owned businesses, as well as a resource and social network for parents. The group started out with the initial 3 members in one county, and it grew to over 700 members nationwide. Because of this experience I found a new passion through self taught web development and design.

I fell in love with the central coast when I moved here in 2010. I have had so much personal growth in my short time here. I became a cancer widow in 2013. I transitioned from stay at home mom and part time freelance graphic designer to a full time student and head of the household almost over night. I am finding my way back to the things I am passionate about and trying to make each day count. I decided this year to start up my graphic design business again, and to get involved with something. That something just happened to be YPNG. I am looking forward to my time as the Marketing Officer & Tech Officer for this fun organization!

Some of the things I enjoy are my family, being creative in multiple forms/media, hiking, line dancing, concerts, traveling, time with friends and just enjoying life each day.