Softball – Men’s Registration Fall 2019


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YPNG is a COED leauge with a draft to mix things up every season. This is a great way to get some exercise, have fun and meet some good people.

For $58 you get 10 fun filled games and a YPNG T-shirt. In addition, the league champions get an authentic, limited edition City of SLO T-shirt!

This is a Member’s only event!
In order to complete your registration make sure you fill out the form below

You can signup with as many people as you want. IF YOU ARE SIGNING UP WITH OTHER PEOPLE, YOU MUST PUT THEIR NAMES DOWN ON THE REGISTRATION FORM AND ALL PLAYERS MUST NAME EACH OTHER IN ORDER TO BE PLACED ON THE SAME TEAM. Players of all skill levels are welcome and no experience is required! Visit our FAQ Page or email for questions.

This event will sell out so make sure to register ASAP!