What benefits do I get as a member?

Exclusive emails so you don’t miss a single event, advance notice of special events which commonly sell out, access to members-only events, and the opportunity to join committees and participate in the development of YPNG.

What does my money pay for?

Money raised through membership fees pays for our ongoing costs of operations including, but not limited to – website and shopping cart costs, credit card fees, insurance, deposits to secure event locations, marketing expenses, annual business license and more. For more details you can also view our financials.

Where do the profits go?

At the end of each year YPNG donates funds not needed for ongoing operating costs to the member-voted San Luis Obispo County 501(c)3 non-profits. To see more information about this year’s organizations, visit our Non-Profit Partners page.

Which events are member-only?

YPNG events which have limited space are limited to members only. These events include but aren’t limited to YPNG Softball and other sports tournaments, YPNG Wine Tasting Adventure, camping trips, YPNG Weekend Winter Getaway, YPNG Anniversary Party and more.

Which events can non-members attend?

Non-members can attend events which have no upfront costs such as monthly socials, monthly hikes and community volunteer days. YPNG also hosts some fundraising events to benefit local charities and these events are open to the public to allow the most possible funds to be raised for that charity.